• UFO research doesn’t make great TV

    UFO research doesn’t make great TV

    There are many people who appear on TV on the subject of UFOs and UAPs. Some make an absolute fortune out of their appearances, which then go on to spawn radio show appearances, conference speeches overseas etc. This in turn generates a number of wannabes who are chasing the media dream. It’s like a reality…

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  • Will sightings increase now the darker nights are here?

    Will sightings increase now the darker nights are here?

    Last weekend the clocks were reset in the UK. We’re now back operating on Greenwich Mean Time. The biggest change most people notice are the darker mornings and nights over the winter period. As more of our waking day is under darkness, will we have more sightings reported. With more people moving around during the…

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  • Do aliens exist?

    Do aliens exist?

    It seems over recent months more people are coming forward to talk openly about UFOs and aliens. An intriguing subject It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for years. I’ve spent a fortune on books on the subject and yet still, that smoking-gun piece of evidence proving the existence of aliens evades us all still.…

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  • The Pittington UFO

    The Pittington UFO

    Outside of Durham City 5miles east you come to a small Village called Pittington where in the late 70s there was a strange sighting of a UFO. It involved a taxi driver from Durham, working on a Sunday night and as such, he hadn’t been very busy all night. At about 10pm he got a…

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  • Flying Saucers over Kent – July 1947

    Flying Saucers over Kent – July 1947

    July 1947, Kent in the UK just outside Rochester in the village of Snodland. Two people come forward to report they had seen a flying saucer overhead. A Miss Tomkins of “The Nook” in the village of Snodland reported “at 10:30pm I was astonished to see a peculiar round object in the sky, travelling at…

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  • Nothing is ruled in. Nothing is ruled out.

    Nothing is ruled in. Nothing is ruled out.

    As predicted, early press mentions of the US Government’s UFO report suggest it will be a non-committal response. In short, nothing’s ruled in and nothing is ruled out. All in all, it is a pretty weak response. Almost as disappointing as the UK Ministry of Defence’s stock response of “Not of Defence Interest“. I still…

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  • Building up for disappointment?

    Building up for disappointment?

    There seems to be increasing excitement online regarding a USA Government report into UFOs that is due to be published. I can’t help but think that rather this being the first stage of large scale public disclosure, it will turn out to be pretty much a non-event, disappointing many. The changing positions of the “Talking…

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  • When aliens came to visit

    When aliens came to visit

    Have you ever thought what it would be like if aliens came to visit? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, that’s pretty far fetched isn’t? However thousands of people across the country think that it has happened and claim to have had first hand experience of it. Take a look at the picture below. This…

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  • You know what you saw

    You know the sort of moment when you’re asked a question and the first reply that comes to mind is “I know what I saw”? Well this documentary from the UFO.TV channel is an excellent thought provoking watch.

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