• Lights in the sky

    Lights in the sky

    Two minutes past one in the morning, Monday 5th April 2021. I was at my parents’ home, sleeping in the conservatory. The conservatory didn’t have any covering on the roof and I was expecting to wake at dawn when the daylight came streaming in through the clear panels. For some reason I woke up around…

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  • A strange light in the sky

    A strange light in the sky

    Sometimes you just come across something that is just plain strange. For me it was a light in the sky. I’d just come away from visiting my local forest and was heading home when I saw a strange light in the sky. I couldn’t believe what I saw and managed to pull the car over…

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  • So what’s going on here?

    So what’s going on here?

    Every now and then when you look up in the sky, you’ll see a trail behind what appears to be a commercial airliner. The white trails usually have a little gap behind the plane and then gradually fade out. So what do you think about this picture of trails below? This pattern of trails was…

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  • Lights – I don’t know what I saw

    Lights – I don’t know what I saw

    People have seen strange lights for centuries. Some are easy to explain, aircraft navigation lights, communications satellites in low orbit. Some time ago, I saw something I couldn’t explain and managed to get a short video clip of it. The noise in the background of the clip is the sound of my (diesel) car engine.…

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  • Time to Look Up

    Time to Look Up

    As the Summer draws to a close, the nights are becoming darker. That makes it the perfect time to start looking up at the sky again. While in town there is plenty of light pollution from a wide variety of sources such as street-lighting, signage and traffic, in the country there is no such extraneous…

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