• The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    Around Durham City you will occasionally see a tall man, in a dark coat, wearing a black top hat. He is followed by a group of people who hang on his every word. He’s not leading a funeral cortege, he is Andy Ross, Ghost Whisperer. With a long time interest in in the paranormal, he…

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  • Lily of Lumley

    Lily of Lumley

    Lady of Lumley and the Aussie cricket team Northeast from Durham you will find the town of Chester le Street and a little way past the Durham Cricket ground is Lumley Castle. One of the famous ghosts of here is lady or (Lily of Lumley) She was the wife of the founder of Lumley Castle…

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  • An interesting YouTube video – at last!

    The Truth Proof video channel live streams are building up into a very interesting resource. Whilst I’m sure Paul, Les and their guests would much prefer to be out and about, the lockdown in the UK has provided the opportunity to recap and discuss previously received reports of high strangeness.

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