• Blue light over Teesside

    Blue light over Teesside

    Overview Take a look at the picture below. I was driving towards Teesside when I glanced to my right and noticed a blue light in the sky. Analysis So I found somewhere safe to stop and continued to watch it. It remained stationary, so I decided to grab a picture. I couldn’t hear any noise…

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  • The Pickled Parson of Sedgefield

    The Pickled Parson of Sedgefield

    Parson John Gamage was appointed as Rector of St Edmunds in Sedgefield back in the 1730s and took up residence in the nearby Rectory where he lived with his family. During this time, taxes were collected by the all powerful church under the watch of Prince Bishop Edward Chandler. The church would take one tenth…

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  • The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    Around Durham City you will occasionally see a tall man, in a dark coat, wearing a black top hat. He is followed by a group of people who hang on his every word. He’s not leading a funeral cortege, he is Andy Ross, Ghost Whisperer. With a long time interest in in the paranormal, he…

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  • Let’s Walk Around Durham

    Let’s Walk Around Durham

    I recently discovered a superb YouTube channel called “Let’s Walk“. The channel owner takes the viewer on a narrated walking tour of places across the country and provides an almost first hand experience, explaining items of interest along the way. The Best Cathedral on Earth Bill Bryson, Author and Former Chancellor of Durham University The…

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  • Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    When you mention the word ‘alien’ in the UK, people tend to think of extraterrestrials. However, another ‘alien’ may be lurking amongst us, an ‘alien big cat’. We’re joined by Andy, a local expert on the Durham Puma. Some people feel the prospect of a breeding population of large cats in the wild is not…

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