• Bempton Cliffs – A first hand account of strangeness

    Bempton Cliffs – A first hand account of strangeness

    Today I bring you a first hand account of strangeness from East Yorkshire. Back in February 2018 I took a trip down to Bempton Cliffs expecting only to see and photograph sea-birds. I got more than I bargained for that day. In the audio I recorded whilst on site, I describe what happened, what I…

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  • East coast mystery

    East coast mystery

    In August, I was back on the east coast of Yorkshire. The scenery can be quite breath-taking but I was not really there for the same reasons as other tourists. Coming out of lockdown, it was good to get away for the day and have a good old fashioned adventure road trip. Yet, what I…

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  • The strange place of Bempton

    Bempton Cliffs. It is a truly spectacular piece of coastline in East Yorkshire. The cliffs are huge which makes them an ideal nesting spot for a large population of birds. In fact, the bird life is so good, the RSPB have a centre there. Popular with bird spotting enthusiasts, the cliffs also play host to…

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