• The year ahead

    The year ahead

    I’m a little late to the party after a family bereavement at New Year, but now is the time to look forward to 2024 and the future, instead of looking back. After an abysmal year last year in achieving anything, I’m determined that the coming year will be very different. As I had hoped for…

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  • Are aliens on our Moon?

    Are aliens on our Moon?

    I saw this illumination. That was moving with respect to the stars. We were smart enough to not say “Houston there’s a light out there and it’s following us.” So technically, that becomes an unidentified flying object” Astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin That’s a quote from the second guy to walk on the moon in the…

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  • So what’s going on here?

    So what’s going on here?

    Every now and then when you look up in the sky, you’ll see a trail behind what appears to be a commercial airliner. The white trails usually have a little gap behind the plane and then gradually fade out. So what do you think about this picture of trails below? This pattern of trails was…

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  • A very thought provoking YouTube video

    A very thought provoking YouTube video

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  • Anomaly on the Moon

    Anomaly on the Moon

    Take a look at this picture of the Moon. What do you see? Is everything normal or is there some sort of anomaly? Now what do you really see? Click on the image and look within the expanded oval. That crater within the oval, notice anything odd about it? As pictures of the moon go,…

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  • No evidence of UFOs?

    No evidence of UFOs?

    When reading about Government reports on the subject of UFOs and UAPs, it is really important to look at the language used. They will usually deny that there is any “evidence” to explain their existence. There are many types of evidence: The last category is by far the most common one, yet Government reports seem…

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  • Pine Gap, Australia

    Pine Gap, Australia

    1966 is a long time ago now, yet that is when what is referred to today as Pine Gap, but it’s official title was originally “Joint Defence Space Research Facility”. That seems fairly innocuous doesn’t it. After all, many people are interested in space from amateur astronomers to highly qualified astro-physicists. Skyring, CC BY-SA 3.0,…

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  • My Christmas message – this is what family is all about

    My Christmas message – this is what family is all about

    There’s something special in the bond between dad and daughter. I think this video sums it up nicely without being preachy about things. Enough said.

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  • RNLI – please help these heroes

    RNLI – please help these heroes

    It’s almost Christmas and yes I know for many this will be a very expensive time of year. However, I’d like to invite you to support a team of unsung heroes that risk their lives, and that’s no exaggeration, to save and help others. I’m talking about the RNLI, or to give it its Sunday…

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  • Behind every missing person is a grieving family

    Behind every missing person is a grieving family

    When someone goes missing there are far more people affected than the individual themselves. Whole families are ripped apart by the tragedy, which is why I tend to avoid reporting on missing person cases. You never know who you’re going to upset. So let’s avoid any speculation. Let’s not put forward any theories we’ve come…

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  • Back and to the left

    Back and to the left

    Physics teaches us about the transfer of momentum. From a fast moving object to an slow moving object or an object at rest, the laws of physics apply. So I’ve never understood why, in the Zapruder film of the JFK murder, no official source has acknowledged the impact at frame 317, JFK’s head is clearly…

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  • There can’t be alien beings from other planets, can there?

    There can’t be alien beings from other planets, can there?

    Aliens. Great for SciFi movies, but in real life, they can’t exist, can they? Well back in 1961 Dr Frank Drake came up with an equation, that would be known by the name “The Drake Equation”, to estimate the number of communicative civilisations within the Milky Way Galaxy. What is a Galaxy? Now if you’re…

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