• What do you make of this?

    What do you make of this?

    Going through old photographs I took some years ago, I cam across this one. I didn’t notice it at the time as I was concentrating on the brightness against the horizon, but what do you make of that blur in the sky to the right hand side of the frame? Is it a cloud? Zooming…

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  • What have we here?

    What have we here?

    Imagine driving along minding your own business when you glance up in the sky and see this. A sphere with what appears to be two legs extending below. It was just sitting there, not flying along, not going up or down. I had to pull over and try and get a picture of it. Nobody…

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  • Blue light over Teesside

    Blue light over Teesside

    Overview Take a look at the picture below. I was driving towards Teesside when I glanced to my right and noticed a blue light in the sky. Analysis So I found somewhere safe to stop and continued to watch it. It remained stationary, so I decided to grab a picture. I couldn’t hear any noise…

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