In The Woods

  • Going Squatchin? What not to do in the field – Part 1

    Going Squatchin? What not to do in the field – Part 1

    Some time ago I wrote a post about whether I believed Bigfoot was real, and if it was possible for them to exist in the United Kingdom. I think for me the jury is still out on that, but it does seem as COVID restrictions are being eased, more people across the land are heading…

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  • Am I a Bigfoot believer?

    Am I a Bigfoot believer?

    Defining myself It is a question I was asked earlier this week. “Are you a Bigfoot believer?” The question was asked with reference to the United Kingdom in particular. Regardless of the geographic location under discussion, I would have to answer that question with ‘No’. The problem I have is with the word ‘believer’. A…

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  • Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    When you mention the word ‘alien’ in the UK, people tend to think of extraterrestrials. However, another ‘alien’ may be lurking amongst us, an ‘alien big cat’. We’re joined by Andy, a local expert on the Durham Puma. Some people feel the prospect of a breeding population of large cats in the wild is not…

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  • A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

    A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

    There are two great dales in the County of Durham; Teesdale and Weardale. I always think of Teesdale as the pretty, agricultural dale. Whilst I tend to think of Weardale as having a great industrial heritage as well as its share of agricultural heritage. The Place Tonight’s visit was to Weardale. If you wound the…

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  • Back in the forest

    This morning I was back in the forest. Working a night shift the previous day meant I arrived home early in the morning and it was an ideal time to keep going and just head out after getting changed. Arriving fairly tired, I decided to find a spot to just sit down and absorb all…

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  • Emelie shows us how to make eco-friendly firestarters

    Emelie’s Outdoor Adventures is a channel that allows us to join one Swedish lady’s journey into learning about nature, bushcraft and the outdoors. Emelie is never afraid to have a go at trying things and share both successes and failures to show learning is all about experience. That means getting up of your chair and…

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  • Another early morning in the forest

    Despite being really tired after working through the night, today I headed off to the forest. The country is facing its hottest day in history with the mercury rising to 39˚C. In short, it’s hot. Very hot. In a bid to get out of direct sunlight, I headed to the forest. I thought I’d use…

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  • A trip to the forest on a sunny day

    I spent much of this afternoon in the forest today. It was a boiling hot day so a trip out seemed in order. The trees and leafy ferns provided ideal protection against the harsh heat of the sun, though unfortunately, they didn’t provide much protection from the midgies that seemed to have taken over one…

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  • The heat of summer arrives

    It finally came this weekend. The sunshine of Summer. At least Summer finally appears as though it has arrived. Winter coats have been stored in the wardrobe and I have now switch to my Summer walking kit. That means carrying more water to remain hydrated and replacing the winter storm wear with lightweight waterproofs. I…

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  • An early morning trip to the forest

    Over recent weeks I have been spending a lot of time in the forest. Much of that is during the hours of darkness, but one day last week was out early in the morning around 4am. I love the forest at night as a whole different eco-system seems to take over. You see and hear…

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