In The Hills

  • A unique encounter by the lake

    A unique encounter by the lake

    A few years ago I was working a job where I was on permanent night shifts. It didn’t pay much and very often on my days off, my body-clock would be so skewed that I would simply remain in ‘night mode’. When I struggled to sleep on a night, I would often go out for…

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  • Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge

    Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge

    Back in 2010 I visited the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge. It wasn’t somewhere in the hills I had planned to visit. I had been on a touring holiday in Scotland, but once I saw the sign on the road-side I knew I would have to stop and take a look at this memorial dedicated…

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  • My Favourite Scottish Island

    My Favourite Scottish Island

    Back in 2011 I took a trip to western Scotland and the Scottish Islands. It was a grueling schedule driving around 1200 miles in just a few days. Most of the driving was on narrow highland roads, so there was no chance to use anything as luxurious as cruise control. The twisting and winding roads…

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  • Driving the country lanes at night

    Driving the country lanes at night

    A couple of days ago I was struggling to settle in for the evening at home, so I decided to to go driving for a bit to clear my head. Inevitably I ended up in the countryside and I found a road I hadn’t driven on before. I’ve driven most of the roads in our…

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  • Time to Look Up

    Time to Look Up

    As the Summer draws to a close, the nights are becoming darker. That makes it the perfect time to start looking up at the sky again. While in town there is plenty of light pollution from a wide variety of sources such as street-lighting, signage and traffic, in the country there is no such extraneous…

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  • Staxton Wold

    Staxton Wold

    Nestling, quite inconspicuously in the Yorkshire Wolds, is Remote RADAR Head Staxton Wold. It is a RADAR facility operated by the Royal Air Force as part of the UK’s Air Surveillance & Control System. The base itself is fairly innocuous and easy to drive by without realising, unlike the ‘big wedge’ at RAF Fylingdales. However,…

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  • A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

    A Night Visit To Upper Weardale

    There are two great dales in the County of Durham; Teesdale and Weardale. I always think of Teesdale as the pretty, agricultural dale. Whilst I tend to think of Weardale as having a great industrial heritage as well as its share of agricultural heritage. The Place Tonight’s visit was to Weardale. If you wound the…

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  • Wandering the moors

    Today I spent a bit of time on the moors. The county where I live has quite a variety of environments to go walking in. Coast, hills, moorlands and forest all are within easy reach of anyone who has access to a car. Also, despite being out and about on a sunny weekend, it felt…

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