Out of This World

We are always keen to hear your reports of the Unexplained or Strange Happenings. So if you have your own experience please do get in touch.

  • Calculating height from stride length

    Calculating height from stride length

    One of things that fascinates me are reports of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yowie, Yarin or whatever it is called in the country where you live. Much is made of footprints left in mud or foliage and great care is often taken to get plaster casts of any prints found. These prints are often in the region…

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  • Do aliens exist?

    Do aliens exist?

    It seems over recent months more people are coming forward to talk openly about UFOs and aliens. An intriguing subject It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for years. I’ve spent a fortune on books on the subject and yet still, that smoking-gun piece of evidence proving the existence of aliens evades us all still.…

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  • Is there a base below the mesa?

    Is there a base below the mesa?

    We all love a good bedtime story don’t we? One channel on YouTube, aptly named Bedtime Stories Channel, specialises in the type of weird and wonderful bedtime stories that will keep you up at night. I also love the graphics used and whoever is behind them is a very talented artist. I found this video…

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  • The Ariel School Incident of 1994

    The Ariel School Incident of 1994

    The 16th September 1994 started out very as any other day at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. It was a private, fee-paying school and as a result most of the pupils were from well-off families. The first lesson of the day had been completed and the children had been allowed to go outside on…

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  • Of No Defence Significance

    Of No Defence Significance

    I was recently looking for information online about the 1993 RAF Cosford incident, when I found this Freedom of Information request response from the Ministry of Defence. The defence of the nation clearly comes under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence. The clue is in the name, yet this FoI response clearly states that…

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  • The Pittington UFO

    The Pittington UFO

    Outside of Durham City 5miles east you come to a small Village called Pittington where in the late 70s there was a strange sighting of a UFO. It involved a taxi driver from Durham, working on a Sunday night and as such, he hadn’t been very busy all night. At about 10pm he got a…

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  • Are the Lake Baikal Swimmers heading west?

    Are the Lake Baikal Swimmers heading west?

    Sitting in my car at the coast, watching the wind farm, and following on from my “What really lies beneath the water?” post, I was reminded of the “Swimmers of Lake Baikal” in Russia. Back in 1982, a team of seven Russian Navy divers were exploring Lake Baikal as part of a research exercise. Whilst…

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  • Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2022 – Day 1

    Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2022 – Day 1

    Finally the day had arrived! Clutching my Outer Limits Conference 2020 ticket, the waiting was now over and delays due to the pandemic had been conquered. The conference organiser, Chris Evers, editor of the Outer Limits Magazine took to the stage to launch the conference. Something we’d all been waiting for since 2020. The frustrations…

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  • What really lies beneath the water?

    What really lies beneath the water?

    Three quarters of the Earth is covered in water, with many parts of our seas and oceans completely unexplored. Previously thought extinct species, such as the Coelacanth, have been discovered as recently as 1938 and as exploratory technology advances, we can only expect to find more unknown, or previously thought of as extinct species. The…

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