Looking Back to the Past

  • The Tower of London – Palace or Prison Camp?

    The Tower of London – Palace or Prison Camp?

    They’re commonly known as “Beefeaters”. However their real title is “Yeomen Warders of His Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London” They are the men, and now women, who appear in uniform, guiding visitors around the Tower of London. However there is a lot more to them than providing those tours. The body…

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  • The City Hall was saved

    The City Hall was saved

    Back in 2013, can it really be ten years ago, Newcastle City Council had to respond to comments they were planning to closed the iconic music venue, Newcastle City Hall. Far from being a council administrative building, as some may infer from its name, it is a concert venue with a capacity in excess of…

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  • A tale from a Captain

    A tale from a Captain

    It seems like everyone is talking about the Women’s World Cup Football Final today, but it isn’t the first world cup. Ask a football fan when the first world cup was held and they will probably tell you it was in Uruguay in 1930. But if you go back to 1909, you’ll find teams competing…

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  • MH370 – Where is it?

    MH370 – Where is it?

    MH370. A routine flight that should have landed on time, but disappeared from RADAR controllers without a trace. Could it be that finally, Radio Amateurs have finally uncovered signals that would provide some sort of proof about what had happened to all the souls on board that flight?

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  • The comedy genius of Brendan Healy

    The comedy genius of Brendan Healy

    Whenever I’m feeling a little down, and surely we all get that way at times, there are a type of people who never fail to cheer me up. They aren’t family or close friends, they are northeast comedians. From Bobby Thompson, to Bobby Pattinson, and just to prove you don’t have to be called Bobby…

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  • Jack Crawford – Hero of the Battle of Camperdown

    Jack Crawford – Hero of the Battle of Camperdown

    If you take a walk through Mowbray Park in Sunderland, it won’t be long before you find a strange statue of someone climbing what looks like a tree, with an old flintlock pistol reversed in their hand. The man depicted by the statue is Jack Crawford. Jack Crawford, a Sunderland lad, joined the Royal Navy…

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  • JFK Assassination archives to be released

    JFK Assassination archives to be released

    The news today reports that the archives relating to the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) are finally to be released to the public. Although, the headline doesn’t really tell the full story. It is only by looking at the text of the article that you find out it is not believed any document…

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  • The Pickled Parson of Sedgefield

    The Pickled Parson of Sedgefield

    Parson John Gamage was appointed as Rector of St Edmunds in Sedgefield back in the 1730s and took up residence in the nearby Rectory where he lived with his family. During this time, taxes were collected by the all powerful church under the watch of Prince Bishop Edward Chandler. The church would take one tenth…

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  • The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    The Ghost Whisperer Walks

    Around Durham City you will occasionally see a tall man, in a dark coat, wearing a black top hat. He is followed by a group of people who hang on his every word. He’s not leading a funeral cortege, he is Andy Ross, Ghost Whisperer. With a long time interest in in the paranormal, he…

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