Timeslips – real or fantasy?

Recently I started reading a series of book written by Jodi Taylor that featured an organisation called “The TIme Police”. They were charged with protecting the timeline and pursuing people engaging in time travel

This got me thinking about the whole concept of time. Is it a single linear process, or are there multiple paths that run parallel through time? Is it possible to hop between one timeline to another?

Would that explain what people describe as a timeslip?

Probably one of the most famous timeslips reported in the UK is in the area of Bold Street, in the city of Liverpool. The Bold Street timeslip got a mention in Jodi Taylor’s books, but in the world outside of fiction publishing there have been reports of people walking into one shop that was completely different from what they saw in the window.

Another famously reported timeslip happened in Paris, France in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

So the story goes, back in 1901, two women were wandering around the grounds of the Palace of Versailles and then suddenly found themselves transported back to the late 1700s and they believed they saw Marie Antoinette.

Was this really true or had they had too much vin de la maison in the Paris sunshine?

So where do you stand? Do you believe that time is a simple linear vector?

Or are there an infinite number of timelines that people can randomly cross over into?





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