Storm changed course

2025 was going to be the year I went storm chasing in the USA. I’d read up on it, searched relentlessly for different companies offering tour. I eventually found one I liked the look of. They had risk assessments in place, talked a lot about safety, whilst getting those pictures and video we all want. I’d struck gold.

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

I picked the ten day tour I wanted and went to book it and to my horror it was already sold out. No places available.

I was gutted.

So have drawn up a budget to pay for trans-Atlantic flights, internal car hire and insurance in the USA, plus accommodation, I’ve decided to re-allocate that money to a UK based project.

It is still very early days, and I’m still not sure if it will happen or not, but I keep drawing up plans for this longer term project nearer home.

I’ll definitely need the co-operation of some other people so I need to come up with a project proposal document to send them, to see if they will be involved or not.

So, it’s back to the keyboard working on the draft proposal.





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