Lights in the sky

Two minutes past one in the morning, Monday 5th April 2021. I was at my parents’ home, sleeping in the conservatory.

The conservatory didn’t have any covering on the roof and I was expecting to wake at dawn when the daylight came streaming in through the clear panels. For some reason I woke up around 1am.

Lights in sky
Lights in sky

As the sleep cleared from my blurry eyes, and what I was seeing came into focus, I could see two clusters of lights above in the sky.

I reached for my phone (my camera was back home) and took a picture or two. Now the first thing you have to keep in mind when photographing through clear materials is the chance of reflections. Could these lights be a reflection of something in the conservatory? I looked around checking for any lights. The only internal light source was from the screen of my phone. There were no LEDs shining on internal heaters or plug sockets. No electronic alarm clocks or Alexa units.

I lay there in my foldout bed, just watching the sky. I seemed to be watching the lights for ages, but it could only have been a few seconds. Then before I knew it, I was waking up as the alarm on my phone went off at 8am.

I’ve no idea what the source of the lights were, but I remember a kind of calmness as I watched them. They didn’t zip off at some great speed. I didn’t see them split apart or come together into one light.

Just one moment I was asleep and then I was waking up at 8am.

The weather was dry, so they couldn’t have been droplets of water on the roof refracting light. As usual, I can only say what I think it wasn’t. I’ve no idea what it was.







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