What have we here?

Imagine driving along minding your own business when you glance up in the sky and see this. A sphere with what appears to be two legs extending below. It was just sitting there, not flying along, not going up or down.

I had to pull over and try and get a picture of it. Nobody else seemed to have noticed it was there.

I hung around for approximately ten minutes before I had to resume my journey as I had to get to an appointment.

So what do you think it is? Some sort of experimental military craft? A UFO? A probe from another planet?

Well the answer is much more down to earth.

Just before I left the direction the wind was blowing changed. The ‘craft’ turned to reveal itself to be an advertising blimp. The tether was just about invisible from the layby I’d pulled into. My position gave a perfect head-on view of the blimp making it look spherical. And the legs? The legs were actually the fins at the rear of the blimp.

UFO spotting. It’s all about perspective isn’t it?







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