What do you make of this?

Going through old photographs I took some years ago, I cam across this one.

I didn’t notice it at the time as I was concentrating on the brightness against the horizon, but what do you make of that blur in the sky to the right hand side of the frame?

Is it a cloud? Zooming in I don’t think so, plus the sky, as you can see, was fairly cloud free. I then thought it could be a bird.

But looking at the zoomed in picture, what could be the wings seem a little too straight to me. Even when gliding, I would expect to see a certain amount of curvature in a bird’s wings.

So, as seems to becoming the norm, I’m at a loss to say what it is. What do you reckon?



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One response to “What do you make of this?”

  1. Auld Gadgie avatar

    I’ve asked a trusted analyst about this one and he says it is most likely a cloud.
    I’ll consider that debunked.,

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