Are UFO sightings and geology linked?

Geology, minerals. Governments across the world have invaded others, fought wars and killed and conquered in order to grab minerals from a territory they do not control.

Once you understand that, is it so unreasonable to discuss beings who have not been born on Earth would raid our planet for the same? Of course, that presumes you accept we’re not the only sentient species in the Universe or beyond and that the Drake Equation is correct.

Geology - Crystal

After all, the earliest of radios made use of the vibrations of a crystal, becoming known Crystal Radios. Could it be that the vibrations of other forms of rock attract, or are indeed sought out, by non-terrestrial entities? Would that explain why certain geographic areas have become known as hotspots for UFOs / UAPs?


Do these areas have a common geology? Are certain types of rock more prevalent in the active areas? That’s all before we even start to consider what is under our seas and oceans.

So if you know of a UFO hotspot, what is the geology of that area. I’d be interested to read your findings in the comments section.







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