Blue light over Teesside


Take a look at the picture below. I was driving towards Teesside when I glanced to my right and noticed a blue light in the sky.


So I found somewhere safe to stop and continued to watch it. It remained stationary, so I decided to grab a picture. I couldn’t hear any noise if it was an aircraft.

The photograph was taken using an iPhone 7, so it’s not the greatest quality in the world and whenever I see grainy photographs, I take a really close look.

So what do you think it is? What does it look like to you? The white circle is the moon so it was late in the day when the photograph was taken.


Well there’s no mystery here. What I hadn’t considered at the time was to open my car door window. I took the picture through a pane of glass and whenever you do that, reflections become a problem.

The blue light in the sky is actually nowhere near the sky. I was a reflection of the light emitting diode on the charger for my phone that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in my car.

So the lesson to be learned here is no matter how sure you are of any picture or photograph, we must question each and everyone and look very closely. Nine times out of ten you’ll find a perfectly rational explanation exists.






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