January 2024

  • A strange light in the sky

    A strange light in the sky

    Sometimes you just come across something that is just plain strange. For me it was a light in the sky. I’d just come away from visiting my local forest and was heading home when I saw a strange light in the sky. I couldn’t believe what I saw and managed to pull the car over…

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  • Are aliens on our Moon?

    Are aliens on our Moon?

    I saw this illumination. That was moving with respect to the stars. We were smart enough to not say “Houston there’s a light out there and it’s following us.” So technically, that becomes an unidentified flying object” Astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin That’s a quote from the second guy to walk on the moon in the…

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  • The PC Alan Godfrey incident – 1980 Todmorden

    The PC Alan Godfrey incident – 1980 Todmorden

    Friday 28th November 1980. PC Alan Godfrey, an ordinary copper, was on patrol in the ordinary town of Todmorden when he got called to a report of cows roaming through a housing estate. A little unusual perhaps, but nothing that seemed particularly out of this world. Whilst en route to the location, something happened that…

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  • Orange Lights over Bridlington

    Orange Lights over Bridlington

    Introduction Good evening Paul. I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday mate. All the best of wishes. Location I have a strange sighting to report to you. I was out walking my dog heading north and down a hill along Southfield Well Balk towards Wetwang this evening (3/11/23 at 1929 hours). We were between a…

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  • Oxenhope lights

    Oxenhope lights

    Overview During the winter of 1994 I was working at a financial institution in Bingley and staying with a relative living in Hebden Bridge. This involved a drive twice a day over a ridge from one valley to another in order to get to work, or get back from work. Location Details It would be…

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  • Driving the country lanes at night

    Driving the country lanes at night

    A couple of days ago I was struggling to settle in for the evening at home, so I decided to to go driving for a bit to clear my head. Inevitably I ended up in the countryside and I found a road I hadn’t driven on before. I’ve driven most of the roads in our…

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  • Blue light over Teesside

    Blue light over Teesside

    Overview Take a look at the picture below. I was driving towards Teesside when I glanced to my right and noticed a blue light in the sky. Analysis So I found somewhere safe to stop and continued to watch it. It remained stationary, so I decided to grab a picture. I couldn’t hear any noise…

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  • So what’s going on here?

    So what’s going on here?

    Every now and then when you look up in the sky, you’ll see a trail behind what appears to be a commercial airliner. The white trails usually have a little gap behind the plane and then gradually fade out. So what do you think about this picture of trails below? This pattern of trails was…

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  • A very thought provoking YouTube video

    A very thought provoking YouTube video

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