The Iranian Embassy Siege 1980 – When the SAS went public

Whenever the Iranian Embassy Siege gets mentioned, one name always comes to my mind. John McAleese. He was the Staff Sergeant who went in through the front window of the Embassy that was shown by TV stations around the world.

A single Police Constable, PC Trevor Lock was on guard duty and he was swept up in the siege.

Given the instruction “Trevor. Get away!” He rolled away from his capture and was promptly free by a burst of three rounds into his capture. PC Trevor Lock throughout the entire Iranian Embassy siege was in possession of a revolver and he had the forethought and common sense to keep this hidden. This is an incredible act of bravery and clear thinking.

All members of Operation Nimrod to free the hostages are heroes, there can be no doubting that. Let us not forget the others who were members of the SAS team. PC Trevor Lock has to be hailed a hero, keeping a cool head under extreme circumstances. He remained calm throughout, no doubt not provoking the hostage takers into taking more lives. In my opinion he never got sufficient credit for doing that.

So here’s to the SAS. The world’s most skilled special forces unit. Here’s to PC Trevor Lock who showed incredibly bravery during the siege.






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