No evidence of UFOs?

When reading about Government reports on the subject of UFOs and UAPs, it is really important to look at the language used. They will usually deny that there is any “evidence” to explain their existence.

No evidence says Downing Street

There are many types of evidence:

  • Physical Evidence – such as damage to foliage / trees or impressions or burning on the ground
  • Documentary Evidence – such as sighting reports; such as those produced by the Ministry of Defence or photographs
  • Oral Evidence – testimony from those who have reported or witnessed a sighting

The last category is by far the most common one, yet Government reports seem to completely ignore it.

They will use the word “evidence” to steer people away from that last category, but with all the reports people have collected from around the country, can all those witnesses really be written off as being mistaken or of being fantasists?

Having a sighting of something in the sky, or indeed under the surface of the sea, can have a profound effect on peoples’ lives. It takes a lot of courage for some people to come forward and take the risk of telling someone else what they think they saw. This should never be underestimated.

Of course there will be a small percentage of people who will make things up to get attention. They’re usually fairly easy to flush out as you need an incredibly good memory to tell a consistent story over a protracted period of time. Inconsistencies creep into the narrative. Contradictions start to occur. Some details are forgotten, whilst others are added to the recanting of the sighting.

Anybody who is simply telling the truth as they see it will remain consistent, not matter how many times they are asked what they experienced.

So when the Government tries to convince us there is no evidence, just think of those written and oral sightings by people like you and me, ordinary members of the public. People who have nothing to gain, who risk public ridicule.

Those who are ignorant, frightened, or perhaps disinformation agents out to deliberately mislead the public will ignore the content of the sightings and will attack the character of those brave enough to come forward.

I can forgive ignorance and fear. However, those who are intent to deliberately mislead the public are in a completely different category and as investigators and researchers we must use every lawful means to defeat them at their own game. It only takes one slip, one document to be released “by accident” for their house of cards to come tumbling down.






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