Behind every missing person is a grieving family

When someone goes missing there are far more people affected than the individual themselves.

Photo by Different Resonance on Unsplash

Whole families are ripped apart by the tragedy, which is why I tend to avoid reporting on missing person cases. You never know who you’re going to upset. So let’s avoid any speculation. Let’s not put forward any theories we’ve come up with whilst not in possession of all the facts known to the Police.

These values were once again brought to the forefront of my mind when I read this article on Yorkshire Live.

Simon Hodgon-Greaves, would have been 58 years old today and was last seen at RSPB Reserve Bempton Cliffs.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at the Yorkshire Live article. Take a look at his face and think back. Think hard. Were you in the area at the time? Is it possible you may have seen him? Ten years is a long time to go back in your memory, but please try if you can. If anything, any little detail springs to mind, please phone 116 000 and speak to the Missing Peoples’ Helpline.

It’s the right thing to do.





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