Anomaly on the Moon

Take a look at this picture of the Moon. What do you see? Is everything normal or is there some sort of anomaly?

Now what do you really see? Click on the image and look within the expanded oval. That crater within the oval, notice anything odd about it?

As pictures of the moon go, it’s not the best, lets be honest, however if that crater was created by something impacting the moon (which is what we are always told creates lunar craters) why is the front of it flat.

The shockwave of any impact on the surface of the moon should radiate out symmetrically and form a circle, yet, for me anyway, the front of the crater looks flat, like a really large door or panel.

It’s a photograph I found on Flickr and I asked the publisher for permission to use it. They agreed but would not be drawn out further on what the picture showed. “Take a look and gather your own thoughts” I was told.

So I decided to put the image into Photoshop and zoom in on the oval area. This is what I got.

The frontage of that crater is definitely flattened off. I can’t say if it is a massive door or retractable wall, but it definitely does not fit the geometry of the rest of the crater.

As it stands I can’t explain it. Can you?

Am I seeing something that simply isn’t there?

I can’t help but think that frontage is definitely flat compared to the rest of the circumference of the crater.

So what could actually be within the crater?

Could this anomaly be some sort of mining operation digging out a mineral we simply cant get on Earth? That could make sense if the USA / UK or Former Soviet Union States had discovered something they wanted to retrieve.





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