UFO research doesn’t make great TV

There are many people who appear on TV on the subject of UFOs and UAPs. Some make an absolute fortune out of their appearances, which then go on to spawn radio show appearances, conference speeches overseas etc.

Photo by Haziq Mehboob on Unsplash

This in turn generates a number of wannabes who are chasing the media dream. It’s like a reality TV show gone mad.

In truth, UFO / UAP research makes for very boring TV shows. Why? Simply because it takes thousands of hours of effort. Being “boots on the ground” takes lots of time, often lots of money, and possibly most importantly, lots of support from family.

Hour after hour is spend gazing at the sky, being on hold on the telephone waiting to speak to someone, or writing up findings in a structured way to ensure years down the line, the notes still make sense. Attention to detail is everything. Any professional investigator will tell you the detail is important. Yet, how entertaining would any of that be on TV?

Anything that appears on TV is all about ratings. That’s how programmes get commissioned and advertisers are enticed to fill the commercial break adverts. Ratings will always trump reality, because to a casual observer, the reality of the research activity is dull.

Dedicated researchers carry on doing what they do because they’re passionate about their area of interest. That doesn’t make it “entertaining”.

So what is it you’re really interested in? Getting stuck in to some research that will require real commitment of time and resources, or do you just want to be entertained?







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