Back and to the left

Physics teaches us about the transfer of momentum. From a fast moving object to an slow moving object or an object at rest, the laws of physics apply. So I’ve never understood why, in the Zapruder film of the JFK murder, no official source has acknowledged the impact at frame 317, JFK’s head is clearly thrown, “back, and to the left”. The only time I’ve ever heard that mentioned is in Oliver Stone’s film, starring Kevin Costner, “JFK”.

For the head to be thrown “back and to the left” the shooter must have been “front and to the right”. That can only have put them behind the picket fence, near the rail yards. Not the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository. It really is as simple as that.

Either there was a shoot in front of the Presidential car, or the known laws of Physics didn’t apply that day for some reason. Which do you think is more likely?

It’s 61 years ago today this crime was committed. Yet, the perpetrators, the real perpetrators, have never been held to account.

If you still think a lone gunman carried the murder out, then explain to me which the best marksmen within the US Military were unable to recreate the shots with a model car travelling along the same path at the same speed. It just doesn’t add up.






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