Field gun training. What you don’t see at the Royal Tournament.

A month ago I published a post appealing for the Royal Navy Field Gun race to be reinstated.

It’s an explosive event with participants raining with sweat they’re putting so much effort into.

I was intrigued about who the Field Gun participants were. What makes a Field Gunner? Why do they do it? What do they personally get out of it?

I found the video above on YouTube. It gives a behind the scenes look in the journey the teams take in order to race in front of members of the public at the Royal Tournament.

It’s a long journey. A tough journey, and only the best of the best will make it on to a team. Only the very best of the best will race and win.

Like many military activities the field gun race is steeped in history. It replicates the actions of British forces during the Second Boer War in South Africa relieving their comrades who were under siege at Mafeking.





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