Who killed Jill Dando?

I’ve just finished watching the mini-series on the murder of Jill Dando on Netflix and I can’t help but think how distressing this was for the family and friends of her.

It was thought provoking. Harrowing in places. Confronting, but ultimately disappointing as it did not come to any conclusions as to who actually committed this awful crime.

There were many interviews with people who appeared, in my opinion, to be damaged and hurt by the crime, particularly that it remains unsolved.

For me, it didn’t really leave the viewer with the message that justice for Jill Dando still hasn’t been provided by the mechanisms of the state. That must surely be the most important objective following the documentary.

In fact, the documentary left me with the impression that the case was regarded as closed as someone accused of the brutal murder of Jill Dando had been found not-guilty in a court of law.

This was disappointing. I would have thought the Police Officers of the investigating force would have been all the more determined to find the killer after that verdict. This lack of enthusiasm leaves me with many questions.

Questions I think I’ll never get the answer to.

I hope the case will be re-opened and that a cold case review will be carried out. Not to pin “blame” on any officer, but to look at potential new leads, to discount some of the “theories” that circulate online, and ultimately to deliver justice for Jill Dando and her relatives and friends.

As any family would want, the search for the truth is so important. Whether you’re a famous TV presenter or just a humble private citizen.





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