The only time I was given lines at school

I was watching an old film today and the headmaster of the school gave one of the pupils 100 lines.

This brought back a memory of the one and only time I was given lines to do at school. (Yeah it was that far back in history!)

I can’t remember what my misdemeanour was but I was probably guilty and I was summarily given 100 lines, just like in the film.

Now being a bit of a computer nerd at the time, I knew enough to keep my mouth shut and to appear contrite and accept my punishment. So at the end of the school day I wandered off home. Little did the teacher know I had a plan.

Dot Matrix Printer
Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

On arriving home, I headed straight for my room. That wasn’t unusual so none of my family questioned it and I was straight on my Sinclair Spectrum to carry out my punishment.


It was a very simple BASIC program I needed to set up to print out 100 times the lines I’d been assigned. Cheekily, I’d even labelled each line with the number 1-100.

The teacher got their lines, but I don’t think they ever forgave me.





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