Do aliens exist?

It seems over recent months more people are coming forward to talk openly about UFOs and aliens.

An intriguing subject

It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for years. I’ve spent a fortune on books on the subject and yet still, that smoking-gun piece of evidence proving the existence of aliens evades us all still.

I think it’s a reasonable assumption that Governments around the world know more than they are letting on. You only have to listen to the double-speak of former G Men who will not categorically confirm or deny their existence.

Photo by Haziq Mehboob on Unsplash

Yet each year that passes, more reports come in of sightings of craft in the sky, aliens on the ground or other strange events.

What would it take?

All it would take is one person. One former insider to come forward with proof, so why haven’t they? They would go down in human history as the person who forced disclosure. But it seems those book deal and TV appearances are just a little too lucrative to bring them to an end by confirming the existence of aliens. The more speculation, the longer the debate, the more money can be raked in.

So rather than any of the TV or conference personalities bringing forward evidence, it will inevitably be down to an ordinary person, a witness, to publish irrefutable evidence.

Proof from off world

Alternatively, the aliens themselves could stage an event that government’s across the world would be unable to deny. Why not? It has been the plot-line for so many sci-fi films over the years. From HG Wells’ War of The Worlds, to Independence Day, many films have used an overwhelming alien invasion as their main story and surprise, surprise, the population of planet Earth triumphs in the end.

However, I doubt that would be the case in real life. If a massive alien force turned up on out planetary doorstep, their technology would be so far ahead of ours, it would be futile to adopt an aggressive stance towards them.

Are aliens dangerous?

This is pure speculation, because nobody really knows, or at least they’re not saying publicly. Their existence would have to be acknowledged first, before debate could begin on this.

Would they travel such a long distance, just to destroy humanity? Possibly, if there were natural minerals on the Earth they needed. Would they enslave the world’s population using humans as workers? Maybe. Or would they try to communicate with us, study us an learn from us whilst we learned from them? That’s also an option.

Nobody really knows.

I think the best course of action is to keep an open mind.



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