A 2024 challenge

Is it too early to start thinking about next year? I’ve set myself a Maths challenge for 2024.

Maths display
Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

Back in the day I was a bit of a Maths wizz. I had two fantastic teachers (who I’ll never be able to thank enough) who cajoled me, bullied me, inspired me, encouraged me and supported me to achieve some great results at A Level. Maths continued at University level in the following years.

I never did well with Statistics, but Pure Maths and Mechanics were my bag. I could see the real world application of those disciplines and loved them. Was I nerd? Well, yes I suppose so, though I’m never quite sure of the difference of being a nerd or a geek.

Over the years I’ve suffered skills fade. The lack of practice of my Maths skills mean they are now a shadow of their former level. That is such a shame, but I’m determined to do something about it, hence the 2024 challenge.

I intend to return to school level Maths and re-familiarise myself with the techniques and tools I was taught there, before moving on to re-visit University level Maths.

My key interest is Applied Maths. Mathematics that can be used to understand the real world. The initial real world situation I intend to use is that of a Road Traffic Collision. Now to many that may seem a bit weird. Bashed up cars and hurt people with debris scattered across the road. However, there is quite a bit of Maths involved in investigation scenarios like that.

After that, I want to start to delve into the Maths of Crime Pattern Analysis. I have no professional reason to do so, but perhaps my memories of watching programmes like Numb3rs is steering in that direction.





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