September 2023

  • The only time I was given lines at school

    The only time I was given lines at school

    I was watching an old film today and the headmaster of the school gave one of the pupils 100 lines. This brought back a memory of the one and only time I was given lines to do at school. (Yeah it was that far back in history!) I can’t remember what my misdemeanour was but…

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  • A 2024 challenge

    A 2024 challenge

    Is it too early to start thinking about next year? I’ve set myself a Maths challenge for 2024. Back in the day I was a bit of a Maths wizz. I had two fantastic teachers (who I’ll never be able to thank enough) who cajoled me, bullied me, inspired me, encouraged me and supported me…

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  • Calculating height from stride length

    Calculating height from stride length

    One of things that fascinates me are reports of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yowie, Yarin or whatever it is called in the country where you live. Much is made of footprints left in mud or foliage and great care is often taken to get plaster casts of any prints found. These prints are often in the region…

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  • A gross act of vandalism at Sycamore Gap

    A gross act of vandalism at Sycamore Gap

    Take look at this sycamore tree. Do you recognise it? You should do. It featured heavily in the Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Today the region woke up to the news that the tree has been destroyed, deliberately cut down in what can only be described as the worst act of vandalism…

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  • Who killed Jill Dando?

    Who killed Jill Dando?

    I’ve just finished watching the mini-series on the murder of Jill Dando on Netflix and I can’t help but think how distressing this was for the family and friends of her. It was thought provoking. Harrowing in places. Confronting, but ultimately disappointing as it did not come to any conclusions as to who actually committed…

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  • Bring back the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

    Bring back the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

    It has to have been one of the most spectacular sporting events I’ve ever seen live. I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to the Royal Tournament and there was only one event I looked forward to. The Royal Navy Field Gun Competition. For years I’d seen it on TV, but all of a…

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  • Lest we forget

    Lest we forget

    For all those who died on that day, as well as the first responders who have succumbed since, we’ll not forget you.

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  • Do aliens exist?

    Do aliens exist?

    It seems over recent months more people are coming forward to talk openly about UFOs and aliens. An intriguing subject It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for years. I’ve spent a fortune on books on the subject and yet still, that smoking-gun piece of evidence proving the existence of aliens evades us all still.…

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  • Is there a base below the mesa?

    Is there a base below the mesa?

    We all love a good bedtime story don’t we? One channel on YouTube, aptly named Bedtime Stories Channel, specialises in the type of weird and wonderful bedtime stories that will keep you up at night. I also love the graphics used and whoever is behind them is a very talented artist. I found this video…

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  • The Tower of London – Palace or Prison Camp?

    The Tower of London – Palace or Prison Camp?

    They’re commonly known as “Beefeaters”. However their real title is “Yeomen Warders of His Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London” They are the men, and now women, who appear in uniform, guiding visitors around the Tower of London. However there is a lot more to them than providing those tours. The body…

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