Wolf Lands – Strange Tales from East and North Yorkshire

After three years of work. Many an artistic disagreement. Hours and hours spent in the field. Wolf Lands, the long awaited documentary from Lightform Media has finally dropped on Amazon Prime.

Exploring strange happenings in East and North Yorkshire, the film brings forward a number of eyewitnesses, each recounting their own, often terrifying experiences, of coming face to face with strange, large, powerful creatures that defy the catalogue of known zoology.

There is no speculation. No ridiculous music building up before a commercial break like you’d see on TV. In fact, the music soundtrack is an epic work in itself adding to the atmosphere, just sitting nicely in the mix under the narration.

Throughout history, place names in the areas explored have reflected the presence of wild creatures putting the fear of God into the local people. It’s a story that spans centuries not merely a few years.

The video above will introduce you to the people behind Wolf Lands, but if you want to dive straight in and get the full film, just click here. You won’t regret you did.





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