Now then grapple fans

The ceremonial unmasking of Kendo Nagasaki.

Many a wrestler tried to unmask him in the ring. None of them succeeded. However, if I recall correctly, he always vowed that he would never be unmasked unless he was defeated in the ring.

He was one of the many wrestling characters who would appear on World of Sport on a Saturday teatime on ITV.

There was:.

  • Big Daddy
  • Giant Haystacks
  • The Royal Brothers
  • Catweazle
  • Pat Roach, The Birmingham Bomber
  • Roller Ball Mark Rocco
  • Mick McManus

Some were good guys. Some were villains. The grannies in the front row of each show would certainly show their wrath with their handbags should anyone fall out of their ring in their direction.





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