Four candles, or was it Fork Handles?

For my money this is one of the best comedy sketches of all time. Take a look and if you don’t laugh or fall into the word play traps, you’ve got no soul.

Ronnie Barker wrote the sketch that they they execute the so perfectly.

The strange look of confusion on Barker’s face is hilarious, matched only by the seething anger building up in Corbett’s character’s face.

Whenever I visit my local independent hardware shop, which incidentally is like an Aladdin’s Cave of the fix-it world, I always walk straight up to the counter and ask for “Fork Handles” or did I mean “Four Candles“. Whilst I was almost asked to leave the first time I did it, it only seems to get funnier for everyone in there each time I do it now.

And with that said, “It’s goonight from me. And it’s goodnight from him”.

The Two Ronnies, what a great British double act.





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