I’ve switched off the TV

Actually, I’ve not just switched the TV off, I’ve got rid of it altogether.

Today is my first day without having that box in the corner of the room encouraging me to waste time.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

I never watched a lot of TV shows anyway, but when my TV Licence expired yesterday (yes rest of the world, we have to pay for a licence at £159 per year just to watch TV in the UK) I decided it no longer justified the fee.

I’ve long since understood that I don’t fall into the demographic the BBC wants to serve and frankly regard 99% of their output as mind-numbing dross. In my opinion the BBC are only good at two things, period TV dramas and radio drama. I can get a healthy amount of both from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Audible.

So bye bye TV, bye bye TV licence.

Hello to the campaign of harassment to get a TV licence that has already started via email.

I want to make it very clear, publicly, no activities that would require a TV licence occur at my home address.

Should the harrassment continue with unsolicited communications demanding money from me, then I will have no option but to contact the Police & Information Commissioners Office.






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