How on earth can Sir Brian May be 76?

I’m a little late to the party as this happened yesterday, but how on earth can one of the finest guitarists in the world be 76?

Brian May needs no introduction. As the guitarist with Queen, he and their music saw me through my O Levels, A Levels and beyond. As my brother was pumping out ELO, I countered with “A Night at the Opera”, “A Day at the Races”, “Queen”, “Queen II” etc.

I’m not sure who if anyone won the battle of the vinyl, but I know I loved Queen and he loved ELO.

Queen’s performance on 13th July 1985 is widely regarded as the finest live performance ever, and Brian May played a huge part in that along with John Deacon, Roger Taylor and of course the unstoppable Freddie Mercury.

As I grew throughout my teenage years I almost regarded Brian May as a big brother. He was the guitarist I always wanted to be. I practised long and hard, got bloody fingers to prove that on my cheap guitar. I never did get that coveted BMG Red Special I always dreamed of and will probably go to my grave without one, never being able to recreate that classic Queen / Brian May guitar sound.

So let me just say, happy birthday Sir Brian May. Thankyou for the hours of listening you gave me. I’ll continue to practice, but I know I’ll never play like you.

All the best fella.





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