And what a surprise it was!

Me scrooble. No go. Weeeee!

It had to be one of the most confusing, if not disturbing adverts of the 1980s.

Kinder surprise. The chocolate egg that came with a toy hidden inside.

When this first appeared on-screen I was to old for the demographic the advertisers were aiming for, but I couldn’t help think about the conversation in the planning meeting for this national TV campaign.

“Ok gus. We’ll have a Humpty Dumpty type character. Sitting on a wall.”

“Let’s make his eyes really squinty so he looks a little bit evil. We can scare kids into buying this.”

“Oh and at the end, if he doesn’t eat the chocolate, we can make him fall off the wall.”

The 1980s were a very strange decade indeed, though some say if can remember them, you weren’t really there.





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