I’ve reached that age

I’ve reached that age. That awkward age. The age where it is so easy just to let you brain go and start to fail.

Having seen that happen to others I’m determined that I will not let happen to me.

So I decided to set up this blog.

I don’t guarantee it’ll be an exciting adventure into the blogosphere, but I do invite you to join me on my learning adventure and see if any of my experiences would be of interest or indeed useful to you.

Last month I started looking into the world of Physics, but this quickly told me that I needed to boost my current Maths skills back up to the level they were during the 1980s. I was extremely lucky. I had two fantastic Maths mentors who I will never forget or be able to thank properly. Mrs E and Mr B. I’ve no idea where they are now but I hope they’re both well and living their retirement in the luxury they both deserve after inspiring so many people with their love of Mathematics.

So I would like to dedicate this Blog, whether you find it useful or not, to Mrs E and Mr B. You will never meet better teachers than them, and I was privileged to have been taught by both.






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