June 2023

  • Projectiles


    When you mention projectiles, most people don’t think of golf balls do they? Especially when they’re hit with a putter. However, what about when the golfer breaks out a 9 iron to get out of some low ground? When struck, the golf ball will follow a nice arc heading towards (at least hopefully) the hole…

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  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Where to begin? It is easy to ask, but perhaps more complicated to answer. Years ago at a school reunion I mentioned to my A Level Physics teacher that I had never needed to use Boyles’ Law during my 20+ year career. This generated raucous laughter from the both of us. However, I could say…

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  • I’ve reached that age

    I’ve reached that age

    I’ve reached that age. That awkward age. The age where it is so easy just to let you brain go and start to fail. Having seen that happen to others I’m determined that I will not let happen to me. So I decided to set up this blog. I don’t guarantee it’ll be an exciting…

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