The comedy genius of Brendan Healy

Whenever I’m feeling a little down, and surely we all get that way at times, there are a type of people who never fail to cheer me up. They aren’t family or close friends, they are northeast comedians. From Bobby Thompson, to Bobby Pattinson, and just to prove you don’t have to be called Bobby to be funny, my absolute favourite has to be the, Brendan Healy.

He departed this earth 18th February 2016, but his legacy of hilarious Geordie humour lives on forever.

Now you may be wondering why I mention the word Geordie. Geordie humour tends to be unique in not needing to be rude to be funny on its home ground. It’s intelligent, but accessible, observational, and people can relate to it because they see the situations every single day.

As a major force behind the comedy scene on Tyneside, he was also the impresario behind years worth of pantomimes in Newcastle Upon Tyne, so it’s impossible to estimate the joy and laughter he brought to so many people.

I only met the guy once and very briefly. He was a true gent. The best of his craft and I got the sense he got a real buzz from bringing joy to others.

Thanks for all the laughs Brendan. Your legacy is strong and will live on forever.





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