Of No Defence Significance

Ministry Of Defence - Red Arrows
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I was recently looking for information online about the 1993 RAF Cosford incident, when I found this Freedom of Information request response from the Ministry of Defence.

The defence of the nation clearly comes under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence. The clue is in the name, yet this FoI response clearly states that the MoD no longer investigates UFO sightings. Surely, in order to decide whether something is a threat or not means you have to identify what it actually is and the intentions of the crew on board. That’s only logical.

To try and dismiss something by simply saying it is of no defence significance is simply nonsense, unless the object has been identified.

Of No Defence Significance

But how do they know?

So the elephant in the room is, if the MoD does not investigate UFO sightings anymore, who has taken up that responsibility? Which government department, unit or section is tasked with this?

Think of how quickly the Quick Reaction Force of the Royal Air Force (RAF) responds to reported incursions into UK airspace by Russian aircraft. RAF aircraft have even been known to break the sound barrier over land, in order to intercept the Russian aircraft. Yet we’re being told the MoD ignore unknown craft entering our airspace. Is that credible if another body within Government is not investigating such sightings?

Questions need to be asked who is investigating UFO sightings on behalf of the Government.





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