The Pittington UFO

Outside of Durham City 5miles east you come to a small Village called Pittington where in the late 70s there was a strange sighting of a UFO.

It involved a taxi driver from Durham, working on a Sunday night and as such, he hadn’t been very busy all night. At about 10pm he got a fare to take two women to Pittington from Durham, this would only take 20mins there and back.

Barnard Castle Incident
Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

All was quiet on the drive to Pittington once he had dropped off the fare and he headed back to Durham. He had only just left the village when at the Pittington cross roads he saw a strange object just above the telegraph poles. He stopped the taxi and sat and watched the craft for a few moments. Then he got out of the car and walked the short distance across the field until he was standing below the craft. He didn’t know how long he stood underneath it, but he then panicked and ran back to his taxi, and drove like crazy back to Durham. A little further along the road a police car saw him driving erraticly. The Police turned around quickly and give chase. With blue lights flashing they finally pulled him over but could not make sense what was wrong with him. They thought that he may have been attacked by one of his fares. But he just kept saying about the strange craft in the sky. In the end they put him in the police car and one officer drove the taxi back to the taxi office. They asked the manager whether he could have been on the drink before work or had he been unwell. The Manager said the driver had never been any worry and would never drink before or on the job, and to the managers knowledge the driver hadn’t been unwell. The police said they would take him to hospital for a check-up. Once there the doctor examining him said there was no sign of any physical injury but he was suffering from shock.

A few days later 2 members of MOD visited him to talk about what he had seen. One of the MOD personnel said that it wasn’t a very good idea to walk underneath such a craft as they did not know what the effect could be.

Courtesy of Andrew Ross, Paranormal NORTH EAST England. Plus podcasts of paranormal interest





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