Are the Lake Baikal Swimmers heading west?

Coastal Wind Farm observed whilst thinking about Lake Baikal

Sitting in my car at the coast, watching the wind farm, and following on from my “What really lies beneath the water?” post, I was reminded of the “Swimmers of Lake Baikal” in Russia.

Back in 1982, a team of seven Russian Navy divers were exploring Lake Baikal as part of a research exercise. Whilst fifty metres under the water they had an encounter with a number of humanoid creatures that appeared to be wearing helmets that allowed them to breath whilst submerged. With its frigid temperatures and Baikal being the deepest lake in the world (1642 metres), much of this lake remains uncharted and unexplored.

However, could it be that the Lake Baikal Swimmers are heading west?

I was watching the Truth Proof live stream in June 2022 when I was surprised to hear a mention of a report about a diver seeing a humanoid in the North Sea near an oil platform. My mind immediately thought of the Lake Baikal incident and I wondered if the two sets of humanoids seen could be the same species, or indeed the same group?

Whilst the North Sea isn’t as deep as Baikal (700 metres compared to Baikal’s 1642 metres) there is still a vast amount of space beneath the surface of the water where both creatures and crafts could be hidden. So if, and it remains a big “If”, there are undiscovered creatures that live in both freshwater and saltwater, or at least have crafts or even bases submerged below the water surface, there is plenty of space they could hide. (Before the skeptics jump in with ‘that couldn’t happen’, let’s not forget that the Coelacanth was thought to have become extinct 65 million years ago, yet a population of them was found in 1938. )

What does remain a big question for me, is whatever the divers, either in Russia or the North Sea saw, are these creatures indigenous to planet Earth, or did they originate in some off world location?

The Truth Proof live stream has been embedded below. I think you will find it fascinating. Send your sighting report to Truth Proof here.





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