Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2022 – Day 1

Finally the day had arrived! Clutching my Outer Limits Conference 2020 ticket, the waiting was now over and delays due to the pandemic had been conquered.

Chris opening the Outer Limits Conference 2022

The conference organiser, Chris Evers, editor of the Outer Limits Magazine took to the stage to launch the conference. Something we’d all been waiting for since 2020.

The frustrations of the pandemic were soon forgotten and we were straight into the action.

In his opening speech, Chris took us through an analysis of a number of photographs where his professional experience as a photographer really came to the fore. He was able to show why he had formed the opinion about each and shared with the audience his analysis. I found this interesting as it is unusual to have this level of enquiry about the validity of photographs at events such as this. I heard a couple of people mention they didn’t like the approach, but it is vital that we keep a skeptical, but open mind about images and video footage, particularly in the digital domain.

Up next was Mike Covell, a well known historian from Hull, who has worked on several television programmes.

He introduced us to the Humberside Hum. A background noise that many people had reported. He also took us back through time looking at a number of cases including one from 1961 involving the Chief Constable of Hull instructing officers at several Police Stations to go outside and look at the sky, confirming what the Chief Constable had already seen for himself.

Paul Ascough got into talking about how everything is energy. From the thoughts in our own minds, to the everyday objects we see all around us.

He took us through a number of sightings that personally had experienced starting all the way back in 1968, and at one point the discussion even got into the electromagnetic spectrum and dark matter.

Next on the bill was Sacha Christie. She had come to talk about an experience she had gone through near the Berwyn Mountains in Wales.

At this point, some technical difficulties cropped up and the video that was supposed to play, only played the audio track….several times. There was an unfortunate “oo……ah” at the start of it, much to the amusement of those in the audience with less than pure minds. (Which to be fair, was most of us.) However, gremlins conquered We got to see a video of Sacha explaining what had happened as well as testimony from her co-presenter (who was stuck at work that day) in a pre-recorded video interview.

Paul Sinclair, creator of the Truth Proof books series and filmmaker, has quickly established himself on the global stage of high strangeness investigations. He talked about Multi-Phenomena Areas. From UFOs, to orbs to cryptids there was all manner of high strangeness mentioned in his presentation.

I liked the audio / video clips he played of people he’d spoken to and the testimony of two former Paratroopers (not people who usually admit to be scared by something) was particularly powerful.

He re-enforced his long-held belief that ‘location is key’.

The last speaker of the day was the renowned author and producer Peter Robbins. Peter had flown in from the USA to present us with his talk “Excerpts and Outtakes from 40 years in Ufology”.

Peter was a very polished and experienced public speaker and had an uncanny way of gently guiding the audience through multitudes of anecdotes, and as someone with such a long career in ufology, he was very approachable and giving with his time throughout the day.

All in all, a really good day. One of the things I like about the Outer Limits Magazine Conference is it is big enough to attract international speakers, but small enough to meet people. The number of vendor tables had doubled from the last conference in 2017 which was also good and they provided a wide range of items from a number of publishers.

I’m really looking forward to the next one.





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