Hadley’s, Whitby

Hadley's back in 2010
Hadley’s back in 2010

Recently I was in Whitby. Every time I visit I get so annoyed at the parking charges imposed by the council. They are punitive to say the least. It is almost as though they don’t want visitors from out of town, but I ignored their pirate type behaviour and paid the fee.

That said, there is nothing more certain to start an argument than asking the question “What is the best Fish & Chip shop or restaurant in Whitby?” The chances are that if you asked ten people, you’d get ten different answers.

For me, I head to one place. It’s a place my family has visited for four generations and each time we’ve loved it. I’m talking about Hadley’s Fish Restaurant just over the bridge on the corner of Bridge Street and Church Street.

When I visited, I was seated quickly by friendly staff and left to peruse the menu. In the end, despite the range of dishes offered, I opted for my old favourite, The Yorkshire Tea Deal.

Hadley's Yorkshire Tea Special
Hadley’s Yorkshire Tea Deal

I went for Cod, but option of Plaice, Lemon Sole and Haddock were also available. This included fish, chips, mushy peas, a pot of Yorkshire Tea (very important as it’s my favourite tea), as well as a slice of bread and butter. I was also offered my choice of sauce, so of course it had to be Tartare.

The batter on the fish was light and crispy. The fish itself was cooked really well, white flaky cod but retaining the perfect level of moisture. I didn’t use the slice of lemon. In fact, I’ve never really ‘got’ why people put lemon on fish, but each to their own. The mushy peas were also really good. Stiff enough to retain the pea structure a little, yet creamy enough to be proper mushy. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just as you would expect.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was bustling and busy, yet the staff manage to balance being attentive without being intrusive well.

All in all, a very nice lunch with nicely cooked fresh produce. Another satisfying experience that guarantees I’ll return next time I’m down that way.





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