May 2022

  • Hadley’s, Whitby

    Hadley’s, Whitby

    Recently I was in Whitby. Every time I visit I get so annoyed at the parking charges imposed by the council. They are punitive to say the least. It is almost as though they don’t want visitors from out of town, but I ignored their pirate type behaviour and paid the fee. That said, there…

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  • Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2022 – Day 1

    Outer Limits Magazine Conference 2022 – Day 1

    Finally the day had arrived! Clutching my Outer Limits Conference 2020 ticket, the waiting was now over and delays due to the pandemic had been conquered. The conference organiser, Chris Evers, editor of the Outer Limits Magazine took to the stage to launch the conference. Something we’d all been waiting for since 2020. The frustrations…

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  • What really lies beneath the water?

    What really lies beneath the water?

    Three quarters of the Earth is covered in water, with many parts of our seas and oceans completely unexplored. Previously thought extinct species, such as the Coelacanth, have been discovered as recently as 1938 and as exploratory technology advances, we can only expect to find more unknown, or previously thought of as extinct species. The…

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