Let’s Walk Around Durham

I recently discovered a superb YouTube channel called “Let’s Walk“. The channel owner takes the viewer on a narrated walking tour of places across the country and provides an almost first hand experience, explaining items of interest along the way.

Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral dominates the skyline of Durham City as it sits high up on the peninsula, adjacent to Palace Green.

The Best Cathedral on Earth

Bill Bryson, Author and Former Chancellor of Durham University

The video I have embedded below is their tour of the City of Durham in Northeast England and provides a thirty five minute tour around the city. From the bridges over the River Wear, through the marketplace, then up Saddler Street to the majestic Cathedral, the tour remains within the city and does not venture into the rural areas of the county.

Durham City by Let’s Walk YouTube Channel

The Let’s Walk channel has a lot of videos spanning areas from Inverness, Oxford and Godalming which during these pandemic days allow you to get out and about, without ever leaving your computer keyboard.

While the Durham tour is my favourite, I also really enjoyed the tour of York, and the Whitby tour gave a great insight into the history of that fishing town. (There’s more to it than you’d realise.)

So why not jump across to the Let’s Walk channel, give them a click on the subscription button and start travelling from the comfort of your very own home?






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