It’s that time of year again

As the temperatures once again dip below zero, we start to reach the end of the year. Inevitably people look back over the year that has passed and forward to the one yet to come.

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For many of us 2021 has not been a good year. People have had their lives impacted so heavily by the COVID pandemic and the measures taken in order to try and beat the virus.

Like we’ve experienced, many normal activities have been curtailed this year, with even a simple day-trip out being considered for risks.

Others, myself included have been hospitalised for many reasons other than the pandemic. The staff of the National Health Service here in the UK have for months, if not years, pulled together to ensure the health of our nation. I have seen it first hand when they brought me back from the brink. So whilst there are many critical of the NHS, when you need, when you really need them, they are there using all their skills to get people back to health, from the domestics and porters, to the nurses and doctors, they function as one big team to provide care that is free at the point of need. For many of my readers on the western side of the Atlantic that may seem an alien concept. Yes we pay for the NHS, but it is out of general taxation. We don’t get a whopping bill should we need to see a doctor or be admitted to hospital. I wonder how many people in other countries have died this year after not getting treatment because they couldn’t afford it.

Other than the pandemic, my time in hospital was my big event of the year. It was scary at first when it was touch and go. In fact that period marked a number of firsts for me.

However, I’m now back at home and looking forward to next year. What will 2022 bring? I am determined to get out and about more. Content here has been lacking as I’ve been unable to get out into the countryside and that is something I intend changing in the New Year.

So here’s to 2022. Bring it on. Let’s get this pandemic behind us and get our lives (and travel plans) back!





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