Flying Saucers over Kent – July 1947

July 1947, Kent in the UK just outside Rochester in the village of Snodland. Two people come forward to report they had seen a flying saucer overhead.

A Miss Tomkins of “The Nook” in the village of Snodland reported “at 10:30pm I was astonished to see a peculiar round object in the sky, travelling at a great speed. I should say it was about 1,500 feet up.”

Another resident, approximately a mile away from Snodland in Cuxton, said he had seen a flying saucer at the same time and described it as being silver in colour.

Sadly not many further details are available regarding this report. The press article, in the 10th July edition of The Yorkshire Evening Post went on to talk about a US sighting which the journalist discounted as being some sort of radio controlled toy in what would appear to be an attempt to lighten the mood. Remember, this was only around two years since the end of World War 2. It is also interesting to note that virtually identical articles appeared in other newspaper titles from Kent to Coventry.

It’s another out of this world event that has left very little evidence in its wake.





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