Building up for disappointment?

There seems to be increasing excitement online regarding a USA Government report into UFOs that is due to be published. I can’t help but think that rather this being the first stage of large scale public disclosure, it will turn out to be pretty much a non-event, disappointing many.

The changing positions of the “Talking Heads”

Sudown at Bempton

Until the world sees what is included in the report, it is only speculation as to what its exact content will tell the world.

What I do find interesting is the shifting positions of the usual ‘talking heads’ that appear on TV.

There are some who have for years proclaimed those talking about extra-terrestrial life and craft as being delusional fantasists. It is funny that despite the thousands of reports from all around the world they would take the stance people were simply attention seeking or psychotic. Yet we are seeing a shift in their positions now. A softening of their radical stated opinions of denial. Their smug innuendos appear to be fading by the day.

I can’t help but wonder if they feel their credibility in the eyes of their funders is at risk if there is an official government report stating they were wrong? Could it be they now see the need for them to ‘hedge their bets’.

I also wonder if mainstream academia will shift its position as a whole on the subject of UFOs and UAPs if, and its a big if the report provides anything of startling interest.

Personally, I’ll not hold my breath.

Seriously, what are the chances?

What are the chances this report says anything we’ve not already heard before? I think it is slim to none. I can’t see any government, let alone the Federal Government of the USA, reporting they’ve lied to Congress, multiple Presidents, their citizens and the world for decades. It is just not a climb down I can envisage.

There will be multiple media interviews with the “talking heads” who will argue over the meaning of wording or lines within the report, but I don’t expect a definitive ‘yes they exist’ result.

Of no defence interest

That’s one bland UK Ministry of Defence response I have seen used before and it is one I would challenge every single time I hear it.

If a craft of unknown origin (terrestrial or extra-terrestrial) comes into sovereign airspace and our Royal Air Force or Royal Navy Pilots cannot intercept them, that is of extreme defence interest whether you refer to the craft as a UFO or not. Who is to say if the craft is flown by adversaries of the UK or people from further afield if can’t intercept it, keep pace with it, get out manoeuvred by it or keep track of it, whether it poses a risk to citizens? It is impossible to assess these risks when it comes to UFOs if you wont even ask the right questions when given a load of flannel to fob you off.

So I would suggest (especially to the “talking heads”) just calm yourselves down a little. Wait for the report to be published, then let’s start a proper discussion. However, with one word of warning, prepare for a huge disappointment.





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